Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 26th Newsletter

This Week's Speaker:

 Beth Beebe--: "Handling the Holidays"
Beth grew up in St. Louis Park, MN in a strong Christian family. She is currently am a member of Bethany Church in Bloomington, MN and helps coordinate the curriculum for the Children's Ministry for elementary children.She has been involved with MOPS since 1995, when her oldest son was 1 year old.  She had long term medical complications and even severe post-partum depression following the births of both of her boys.  MOPS  was a lifeline for her during this time.  She received so much love, encouragement, and a sense of hope in mothering through MOPS.  God has given her such a heart for Moms and MOPS that she just love to give back to MOPS. 

This Week's Reminders:

  • Robbinsdale Women's Center donations: RWC is in need of infant sleepers sizes newborn to 6 months, newborn hats and baby wipes.  Please remember these are to be NEW items. We will be collecting these items at this meeting as well as our December meeting as well.
  • Don't forget to appreciate your MOPPETS workers this week!


    This Week's MOPPETS

    BOZ TREEHOUSE TIME! November Topic: ‘B Nice 2 Each Other’

    * For Nov. 26th: If you could bring 2 (or more) empty toilet paper rolls for your child (Barnyard and older) that would be awesome! *

    BOZ Buzz!
    The Golden Rule, or being kind to others, is the next theme for BOZ Treehouse Time! To introduce this topic, please look for opportunities to model kindness and catch your child showing kindness. This concept is most easily understood when the work ‘kind’ is associated with a good deed. For example, you might say, “You were kind to Skippy when you filled his water dish.”

    Lesson Overview: Just for you!
    Young children are concrete thinkers, yet kindness and thankfulness are abstract concepts. Young children can’t touch, smell, or taste kindness or thankfulness, but they can learn that kindness means doing something good for someone else. God is kind to us. Our thanks to God overflows in the form of being kind to others.

  • Memory Verse: Be kind to everyone. (2 Timothy 2:24)
  • Biblical Concept: God is kind to us. We can be kind to others.
  • Concept in Action: I can be kind.
  • Snack/Craft: Banana ‘bugs’: bananas, shredded carrots, raisins, pretzel sticks.


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