Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 8th Meeting

Next Tuesday is our first and only meeting in December.

A reminder that everyone is encourage to come early. Remember child care opens at 9:15 so if you check your kids in early you can get settled early too!

Speaker Information
Jon Platek, Lead Pastor of MGEFC will be sharing a Christmas message with us!
A reminder that the PURPLE TABLE has brunch this week.

Steering Team Child Care
Thank you! Our thanks to Alissa Kling, Brittany Sedjo, Jodi Tupi, Stacey Anderson, and Aungelica Nyabere at Mindy Daniel’s ‘Orange’ table for taking such wonderful care of our Steering Team children this past Tuesday for our monthly planning meeting. You are a blessing!
“Yellow” table has Steering Team child care for January: Our next Steering Team meeting will be Tuesday, January 5th and Caytie Hall’s ‘Yellow’ table will be helping out. Please mark your calendars and plan for an extra playdate with your MOPS buddies. (9:15AM-11:45) Thank you!

Additional Help in January
Hoping to add an addition classroom for January: We have a waiting list! If you know of anyone who might be available, even on a part-time basis, to help with child care so that we can expand we would love to give them more information. Please contact Lori ( or your DGL.

Allergy Concerns
There are ingredients on the snack information for moms with allergy concerns in the MOPPETS lesson plan.

Day of Pampering
If anyone would like to assist the day or for day of pampering (such as with set up or take down) please contact Lindsey (

We will playing a fun game this week where we can meet ladies at our sister table.

MOPPET Lesson Plan
Click here to view the MOPPET lesson plan for the week.