Sunday, July 19, 2015

2nd Summer Newsletter

We have one play date and one Mom's night out coming up in July and August. Remember you don't have to be a member of Maple Grove MOPS to attend, so you are encouraged to invite friends. Look for more information about these dates soon.

hursday, July 30th (play date)
View more information about this play date click here.

Friday August 21st (Mom's night out)
View more information about this Mom's Night In click here

The first MOPS meeting of the 2015-16 year will be Tuesday, September 22nd. As we continue to plan for the fall we encourage you to invite other moms to Maple Grove MOPS. Space is still available for kids of all ages. 

We will have an unofficial kick off to the MOPS year with a play date on Tuesday, September 15th at the church. It is a great way for moms to come to the church before the first meeting and become familiar with the meeting room. It also gives everyone the opportunity to connect with other moms at our tables and meet each other’s kids 

Here are five ways for you to tell others about MOPS:
  1. Ask other moms if they like brunch, because everyone does!
  2. Ask other moms if they like go to pre-planned play dates and mom's nights out.
  3. Ask other moms if they would like to hear speakers that are relevant to all moms, like meal planning, discipline, marriage development and many others.
  4. Ask other moms if they would like to make life long friendships with moms just like them.
  5. Share your story! Post in the comments section your MOPS story.