Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 13th Newsletter

This Week's Guest Speaker
Patti Brown
"Love and Respect"

A note from Patti:
"I love marriage and I love being married (well, usually).  Twenty-four years ago, I never thought I would have said that.  In fact, walking down the aisle twenty-three years ago, I wouldn't have thought I would say that.  What I've found over those 23 years is that marriage does change you and changes your spouse, and that change can be exciting or challenging, sometimes all within the course of the same day.  For the past 20 years, I've been the mom to two kids-an almost 20 year old girl and a newly 18 year old boy.  And I love being a mom, something else that I wasn't too sure about liking 23 years ago.  I'm a counselor in a private practice in Elk River, seeing mostly couples but some kids and adolescents as well.  Before that, I was a nurse in the Air Force and in civilian life.  My husband and I have taught marriage preparation at New Hope Church for 10 years or so and have appreciated that our marriage provides a wealth of new mistakes, I mean growth opportunities, for each class we teach."

This Week's Reminders

  • Brunch is provided by the Harbor Honeys.  Please be sure to email your recipe to to be included in our recipe blog & contest.

Event Updates

  • Thanks to everyone who came "out" for our Girls' Night "In"!  We had a snuggly, jammie-filled evening of popcorn, treats, and a movie.  Stay tuned for future events!
  • Our MOPS bake sale was a great success!  Thank you again to everyone who contributed baking and/or helped out.  Be listening during meeting announcements for a more detailed update.

Chicken Rub Recipe
By popular demand, we are finally posting the recipe for the dry chicken rub we made as our craft in early October.  Thanks, Denise!
Mix together:  2 T sugar, 2 T paprika, 1-1/2 T salt, 1/2 T ground pepper, 1/2 T garlic powder, 1/2 T onion powder, 1/2 T chili powder, 1/2 T cayenne pepper.
Store in a tightly sealed  container and refrigerate to maintain freshness for up to 4 months.

We are still in need of helpers in the nurseries at our Steering Team Meetings that take place on the first Tuesday of each month (especially for 2013).  If you are able to help out even one time, please click here (enter Security Code 5779) to sign up.

Handy Tips

  • Take your kids to the FREE Kids' Workshops at Home Depot (1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10:00a.m.) and Lowe's (2nd and 4th Saturdays, 10:00a.m.).  The stores provide a building kit and all the tools necessary for your child to make a simple project to take home or give as a gift this Christmas!
  • Before the snow starts to fall, help your kids collect pine cones to string up as tree ornaments!
  • Remove rust from household tools by adding salt to 1 tablespoon lemon juice until it forms a paste.  Apply the past to rusted area with a dry cloth and rub away the rust (

Save the Dates

Friday, November 30th @ 6:00-10:00p.m.--MOPS Craft Night at MGEFC.  Stay tuned for details.

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