Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 22 Meeting

There is so much to be thankful for, like MOPS two weeks in a row! Can’t wait to see everyone, Tuesday, November 22nd, 9:30-11:30.  A handful reminders as we look forward to our meeting.

Everyone is encouraged to come early. We know this is so often easier said than done, but the earlier you arrive the more time you will have to check in your kids. Make sure to ask the greeters to help direct you of where to check in.

At our next MOPS meeting we will be making sandwiches for Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc., which is headed up by Allan Law.  In addition, we will be having a warm blanket and clothing drive for his organization.  They are in need of blankets and adult gloves, scarves, and hats.  All items can be used (as long as they are clean), or of course, they can be purchased new as well. 

We’re very excited to tell you that Allan Law is planning on joining us for the last half hour of our meeting! 

Below is a link to a video about Allan Law and how he cares for the most vulnerable in our city as well as a link to their website.  I’d encourage you to watch the video and pray for him and our city. 

Link to videos about Allan Law and what he does

Link to Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc.'s Website 

Here's a little more information about Allan Law:
The organization is headed up by Allan Law, and their Mission is “Love One Another.”  Allan Law's entire life has been consumed passionately and unselfishly serving the poor, vulnerable, disadvantaged youth, and their families. Since 1967, he has volunteered more than 175,000 hours, and he has personally spent almost $500,000 serving…. with love and compassion and delivering a message of hope to those most in need. Allan was a teacher in the Inner City Minneapolis Public School System for 32 years.  He founded Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc. in1967.  Allan is the sole delivery person and spends every night from 9pm to 10am driving the inner city streets of the Twin Cities in search of people to help. He works overnight because that’s when shelters are closed and homeless people living on the street are most vulnerable.  On any given night, there are an estimated 7,000 homeless people in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, and over 2,200 of them are children under 17. The goal of MRD is to feed and provide emergency assistance to as many of them every day as possible.

Our MOPS Gameraiser is now open through the month of November!
SimplyFun builds smarter kids and stronger families through play with their great award winning games for your early learners and your entire family. 
1) View website here:
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3) Enter MOPs ID: 31569
4) Browse games by categories provided: Toddler & Preschool / Early Elementary / Upper Elementary / Teen & Strategy / Family
Check out the helpful videos describing how to play each game
Place orders online -- games delivered to your home

The Aquarius table has brunch for the 22nd meeting. Please remember that Mentor moms will be at the front door only until 9:20 to help you with your food.

Next MOPPETS Childcare
For steering meeting on Tuesday, December 6th is the Pegasus table.

Meeting Feedback
Could you please take a few precious minutes to give us your precious feedback on Maple Grove MOPS so far this year?  We would be so grateful!!!
Please click on the link below for our top 10 questions for you -- your responses are anonymous!

As always if you have any questions or concerns please email us: 

John 8:12. “When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life."

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