Thursday, October 20, 2016

Important MOPS Meeting Date Change!

We are switching our Tuesday, November 8th MOPS meeting to Tuesday, November 15th.  Tuesday, November 8th will be our November play date instead.

Maple Grove Evangelical Free Church is a voting place on the 8th, and with the anticipated large number of voters this election year, we needed to move our MOPS November 8th meeting to Tuesday, November 15th.

Thank you for your understanding, ladies.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.  We really hope you can make it on the 15th instead of the 8th.  We have a great meeting planned!  Our amazing MOPPETS workers have graciously made this change to their calendars, so they will be ready to love and care for your sweet children on the 15th.

Just to clarify:
Tuesday, November 8th will be our November play date (TBD)
Tuesday, November 15th is our first November MOPS meeting
Tuesday, November 22nd is our second November MOPS meeting

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