Monday, April 25, 2016

April 26th Meeting

A reminder that everyone is encourage to come early. Remember child care opens at 9:15 so if you check your kids in early you can get settled early too!


THE MARRIAGE IMPRINT: Messages Children Learn From Their Parents’ Marriage

We teach our children to read, to ride bikes, to pick up their rooms and mind their manners.  However the most important learning they will do in our homes has to do with learning how to love!  We, as parents, are our children’s blueprint for intimacy.  Based on what our children see in our marriage relationship, they draw conclusions and form permanent beliefs and expectations about marriage.  “Is marriage good?  Is it what I want someday for me?  Will I have a good one?”

What is your marriage teaching your children about love?  What does it say about respect, cooperation and trust?  Is your marriage preparing your children to be successful in their own love story later in life? 

Join family advocate Rhonda Nordin as she steps through essential messages children learn from their parents’ marriage.  Based on recent research that shows children form opinions and expectations about marriage from a very early age, this session has the potential to not only influence how we parent, but how we as mothers and fathers, interact with each other.  From making marriage a priority, to building trust and negotiating differences, this session helps men and women improve their marriage and prepares them to lead their children into successful adult relationships. 

For moreinformation about Rhonda click here.

A reminder that the YELLOW TABLE has brunch this meeting.

A reminder we will have one more fundraiser, this time at Chik-Fil-A on May 5th, 11-2 and 5-7. Please invite family and friends for good food and fellowship! We will need four people to “man” the MOPS table during each time slot. Sign up here.

Steering Team Childcare
Thanks to all of you who have helped with child care for our MOPS Steering Team meetings. We have been blessed by your care of the children, and there are a lot! We are reaching out and asking for volunteers for May, our last meeting of the year. Could you please help? Please sign up here.

May 10th Meeting- our last meeting of the year
A reminder that May 10th will be our final MOPS meeting of the year. Don’t miss a chance to celebrate together!!

4/12 Meeting Feedback

MOPPET Lesson Plan
Click here to view the MOPPET lesson plan for the week.   

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