Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 9th Meeting

Next Tuesday is DAY OF PAMPERING!!

A reminder that everyone is encourage to come early. Remember child care opens at 9:15 so if you check your kids in early you can get settled early too!

Day of Pampering
One of the best days of the year has come! Day of pampering allows us to do just that, be pampered! We will be welcoming massage therapists, eyebrow waxers, essential oil consultants and more. Please arrive early to get your kids in child care, get brunch and start using the services.
Craft: Our craft this week will be gifted by the essential oils consultant. She will give each of us the chance to make one, room spray, rollerball blend, thieves cleaner, sugar scrub, or bath salts. Please bring cash with you if you would like to make second or third option.
Raffle: There will be a raffle at Day of Pampering. Please note that you can enter the drawing to win each prize only once. You are welcome to enter all of the drawings if you wish to win all prizes.
Brunch: A reminder that brunch will be catered this week.

Our next playdate will be February 16th. Please look for more information about this coming soon.

Babysitting Coop
Did you know that Maple Grove MOPS has a babysitting coop? We have all been in a pinch and have needed child care for appointments, meetings or so many other life events. Our babysitting coop allows moms to assist each other by exchanging babysitting services. Please contact Caytie Hall ( if you would like to be added to this group.

Directory Pictures
We are hoping to have the directory ready by the middle of the month. Please send your pictures into the Maple Grove MOPS email:

1/26 Meeting Feedback
Please take a moment to give us your feedback about the 1/26 meeting.

MOPPET Lesson Plan
Click here to view the MOPPET lesson plan for the week.

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