Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 28th Newsletter

This Week's Speaker:

Sarah Cook with Wildtree
Sarah is a Wildtree representative and will be discussing meal planning and how to save both Time and Money! As a bonus, we will be making a recipe to bring home called "Best Burgers EVER."

Please bring 1 lb of ground beef OR ground turkey in a gallon size freezer Ziploc Bag with your name on it to the meeting. (It can be already frozen meat, just don't thaw it out and refreeze it after the meeting). It is imperative that the protein be put in the bag and brought to the meeting so we do not have any handling of raw meat. Bring your bagged protein in your own insulated cooler with ice to keep it cold during the meeting time or you may store it in the cooler that we will have on hand for those who need it.

This Week's Reminders:

  • Applications are being accepted now through our next  (and last!) meeting on May 12th for our steering team for next year.  Please visit the "get involved" tab to see which positions are currently needing to be filled, position descriptions and a link to download the application. We also have a new form: The Service Application is for people interested in assisting or helping out the lead person on Steering Team in that area. People who serve as an assistant or on a committee under the Team Leader are not on Steering Team, although their contribution is highly valued. Filling out a service application does not commit your services in the identified areas; it serves as a way for Team Leaders to reach out to others when help is needed.    
  • Get excited for MomCon 2015!!! Although it may seem early to be talking about this incredible life-giving event, we get to start planning now as it’s in mid-September this year! The exact dates are September 17th -19th in Indianapolis, IN. --What is MomCon, you say? It’s an annual conference hosted by MOPS International with the goals of building relationships, wisdom, and rest into your lives! It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with other moms in our MOPS group, to learn and grow from well-known speakers, and to worship with Matt Maher and Matthew West! Check out the promo video here:  If you would like to be included on an email list with further details and planning for the event, please email with subject title: MomCon or talk to Jen Heupel. Thanks!
  • Congratulations to Molly Porter on the birth of her new son Haakon Thomas!

This Week's MOPPETS:

MOPPETS for April 2015
Theme: ‘What Do You See?’ Celebrating God’s gift of imagination.
  • BOZ Buzz!
  • Celebrating God’s gift of imagination is the next theme of for BOZ Treehouse Time! at MOPPETS. During the next few days, look for opportunities to support your child’s creative activities. You could shift sofa cushions to help your child create a fort, offer worn clothing for dress-up play or make airplane sounds when your child swings at the playground. Celebrating your child’s personal creativity will serve as a great introduction to this topic.
  • Biblical Concept: We are fearfully and wonderfully made by God
  • Memory Verse: God made me. From Psalm 139:13 - For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
  • Snack:
    • April 28th: Bananas
Looking ahead:
  • Please dress your child for the outside weather. The weather is improving!!! If the weather is beautiful we will bring the MOPPETS outside for some activity.
  • Steering Team Meeting Moms for Tuesday, May 5th 9:15 – 11:45 AM.
We cannot thank you, moms, enough for stepping up and helping with child care for our Steering Team meetings. Our Steering Team is fantastic and each woman goes out of her way to plan so that each meeting is a wonderful experience and relative to young busy moms.
Thank you so much for helping out and keeping our child care costs low!!! If you cannot make it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and if you can find a sub that would be super sweet!
    • Katie Waage (Waddler Room with Amy Elkins)
    • Barbary Kochendorfer and Bethany Yard (Cruiser Room with Anne Harris and/or Mary Dieter)
    • Molly Abrams (Sea Mates with Paula Petersen)
Have a wonderful week. Loving this beautiful gift-of-God weather!
-Lori Andreen
MOPPETS Coordinator

Save the Date:

  • May 1st from 7-9pm: MGEFC is hosting The Great Date Night. Cost is $15, no child care. It's a fun evening for you to connect with your husband creating memories. For more details and to register for the event online, please follow this link: The Great Date Night  

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