Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 11th Newsletter

This Week's Guest Speaker
Kathy White
"Mary & Me:  Ordinary Moms"

Kathy White is a regular part of our MOPS Steering Team.  Her passion and talent has helped to make our program what it is.  Kathy is married to Tim and has two grown children and three grandchildren.  She is employed by Stonecroft Ministries, an organization that equips women to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With extensive teaching experience, including women's retreats and other special events, Kathy has been dubbed a MOPS fan favorite.  Kathy finds much joy in seeing women learn, and she loves helping equip them for service and ministry wherever they are.

This Week's Reminders
  • Brunch is provided by Sassy Sailors.  Please be sure to email your recipes to to be included on our blog!
  • This week is our Christmas Celebration!  Don't forget to come as early as 9:15 to decorate your table!  Brunch will begin at 9:40a.m. this week.
Re: Think Christmas
Are you feeling the stress of Christmas?  Finding the perfect gifts to give each family member...finding the money to buy them with...hoping your gift will be received with as much joy as intended...  What if you were to rethink Christmas this year?  Maple Grove Evangelical Free Church is partnering with a couple of different ministries to help us rethink our priorities at Christmas:  Love.  Spending.  Giving.  Worship.  Check out for details.

Handy Tips
  • Right after Christmas, stock up on paper goods and non-perishables (crackers, stuffing mixes, etc.) for next year.  Many items are discounted 50% or more!
  • Reduce your holiday stress by giving yourself a day off.  Choose one day (or one day a week?) to spend with your family relaxing, and plan all your work and preparations around that day.  You'll be surprised what just one day will do to re-energize you.

Save the Dates
  • Tuesday, January 22nd--MOPS Spring Semester Begins
  • Tuesday, February 12th--DAY OF PAMPERING!!

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